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A magical place on top of the mountains covered by clouds.


If you are visiting Monte Verde district you can´t go around without explore the nature protected areas of town, and the best way to do it, it´s with the company of a local guide, that can take you to best places of Monteverde.

Our natural history walks take place in some of the protected areas in Monte Verde, where we dedicate ourselves to learn about the forest and its attractions, in an educational and interactive way. Which is the best way to enjoy in family or with a group of nature lovers.

Every day we have the opportunity to observe different species of birds, mammals, plants and others. Our goal is to make our visitors live a unique experience during their visit, and to create awareness of the importance in the protection of Nature.

We offer guided walks every day, starting at 8:00 am, giving you the chance to explore the Cloud Forest for more than 3 hours. Same can be made in English, Spanish or French. Take your camera, water and hiking shoes and come with us to enjoy the nature.


Our walks will take place on Curi - Cacha Nature Reserve which is just at 10 minutes from town.

A network of trails will take us to explore and find wildlife but also the diversity of vegetation that conform the park. It can be access by car with out any inconvenient and Restrooms are part of the facilities of the place,

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